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To the Parents of the Next Possible Gunman who Goes on a Shooting Rampage

June 13th, 2016 Posted by Tabula Rasa No Comment yet

I know, it’s probably not your fault. We can’t be perfect parents. Ordinary Americans do not have the power to enforce strict gun laws. Many don’t want to.

But please, don’t let your child kill mine.

In Orlando, it was an enraged lunatic, an adult. He killed adults. But he’s someone’s son. His father said he did not know why he had so much rage inside him.

Lets not raise anymore people like him.

Educate your children. Even if all you are able to do is read to them at the kitchen table, under a tree, once a week. Teach them what good means. Surround them by people of other races, with other beliefs, and do not make them believe that god is God. We need to stop dying for religion.

Listen when they speak, from the very first word they utter as toddlers and never stop. And when you see that they are tilting off the rails, help them. Get them help. It’s your job.

Fight for gun control, no matter how feeble you think your effort is. At the rate it’s going, there are exponential numbers of parents who have lost their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews. Fight for the 49 people that fell to their death at a club on a Saturday night, for all the children and teachers that died in the safety of their schools, for the endless innocent victims daily killings across the nation. Everyone is somebody’s child. It’s our responsibility to make this world a place they can explore, learn, love, unhindered by fear. Ignorance breeds the likes of the man that blindly kills in the name of an organization he’s not even part of.

Start now, because soon, the words “murder,” “massacre,” and “tragedy” will lose the essence of their meaning, become flat, banal. And that will be the truest tragedy of all.

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