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On Those of Us More Fortunate

December 1st, 2016 Posted by Tabula Rasa No Comment yet


December has rolled in, and in less than 25 days, most of us will be sitting around a warm fireplace stroking our full turkey bellies. While over 1,500 children without parents or guardians are roaming Greece trying to find somewhere to sleep, to keep warm, to get food. They are alone. And in the month of December, Greece is not exactly the land of sea and sunshine. It rains, it snows, temperatures fall to below zero.

I know that the international refugee crisis is a controversial subject for all. Most of us believe that it’s not our problem, that we’re not responsible and that we have our own problems to take care of at home.

For those of you more fortunate, who believe that we can all help, regardless of where we are from, regardless of Hillary losing, Trump winning, regardless of how many donations you’ve recently made to Planned Parenthood or to a GOP cause, maybe you can find that soft spot inside yourself this holiday season, and address an issue that is well beyond all of our borders, an issue that unifies humanity in grief. There is a future generation of human beings out there, they need your help, they are part of our future, and you get to decide what that future will be.

You can help by contacting the woman in the post below, Sofia Kouvelaki, who has been doing amazing work for this cause with Giving for Greece. Or simply donate on their website,


Pieces: a novel

“Pieces” is the winner of the silver medal at the 2017 Independent Publishers Awards (IPPY), and a finalist at the USA Best Book Awards and International Book Awards.

When Clouds Embrace: a children's book

All proceeds from the sales of "When Clouds Embrace" will go to Giving for Greece, a foundation that works to help the hundreds of unaccompanied refugee minors in Greece.