On Misplaced Anger

April 14th, 2016 No Comment yet

In traffic at a red light today on my way to school pick up, the usual Middle Eastern man washed car windows and begged for change. He was joined by an old Greek man, with a cardboard sign saying “I’M HUNGRY,” hung on a rope around his neck. I’d seen him before, at another busy intersection. The Greek man began shouting unrepeatable atrocities at the Middle Eastern, basically telling him to get off his street and go back where he came from. He silently moved up the line of cars and continued his work there.

The Greek man was right, in the eyes and minds of many people I talk to these days, according to the endless comments below refugee stories and posts. Greeks argue that they themselves are starving and unemployed, and help should be given to our own first. And that’s the truth. I understand and accept it all. Except for one thing; the anger that is exponentially mounting in citizens that are not starving, not unemployed, whose children go to expensive private schools, who live in privileged neighborhoods. And those who have internet, spend half of their day on social media, and use their education and their historically hospitable nation, to create an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance.

These people are not camping out around our country because they want to. They do not want to stay here. They’re rougher and tougher than us, they prove that every day, you would be too if you trekked from a warzone that used to be your home, lost half of your family along thee way, some to the corrupt smugglers that you gave your last savings to to get to safety. They are not here to steal our non-existent jobs. They are not here to make our country Muslim. And for heaven’s sake, they are not here to rape our wives and daughters.

Channel your anger in the right direction, let it be a force of creation, not destruction. There are hundreds of children roaming camps and streets alone. Hatred, racism, and intolerance are traits of the evil and the ignorant, not of the warm, accepting people of Greece that I know and love. Use your dignity and give them some. When our people were fleeing this country in the last century, did America, Australia, Germany, and the rest, label us, hate us, work against us? Never forget who your grandparents were, never become the grandparents that future generations will not look up to.

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